The Faculty of Business and Management was established in January 2007. Prior to this it was known as School of Management when it operated under KUSZA as early as 1984. Currently, faculty offers programs:

Diploma Programs:

1. Diploma in Accounting
2. Diploma in Banking
3. Diploma in Finance
4. Diploma in Human Resource Management
5. Diploma in Insurance
6. Diploma in International Trade
7. Diploma in Marketing

Bachelor’s Degree Programs:

1. Bachelor of Accounting with Honors
2. Bachelor of Business Administration (Islamic Finance) with Honors
3. Bachelor of Business Administration (Risk Management and Takaful) with Honors
4. Bachelor of Islamic Wealth Management with Honors

Postgraduate Programs (Mixed Mode/Coursework):

1. Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Coursework
2. Master of Islamic Finance (MIF) – Mixed Mode

Postgraduate Programs (By Research):

1. Master of Science in Accounting & Doctor of Philosophy
2. Master of Science in Economics & Doctor of Philosophy
3. Master of Science in Finance & Doctor of Philosophy
4. Master of Science in Management & Doctor of Philosophy
5. Master of Science in Marketing & Doctor of Philosophy