MPU 21022   Penghayatan Etika dan Peradaban

MPU 23012   Akidah & Akhlak

MPU 23022   Moral & Etika I (Pelajar Bukan Islam)

MPU 23032   Fiqh Ibadat

MPU 23042   Perbandingan Agama I (Pelajar Bukan Islam)

MPU 23052   Tajwid al-Quran

MPU 23062   Etiket Sosial & Penampilan Diri

PBD 10102    Fundamental English I

PBD 10202    Fundamental English Ii


MSD 10603   Fundamentals of Information Technology

MSD 10903   Financial Mathematics

MSD 20803   Management of Organization

MSD 20903   Business Statistics

MSD 22003   Ethics and Governance

ACD 11503   Accounting for Business

ECD 20203 Financial Economics

ECD 10113   Introduction to Economics

specialization courses

FBB 21003    Financial Risk Management

FBB 21103    Entrepreneurial Finance

FBB 21303    Ethics and Financial Market

FBB 21403    Real Estate Finance

FBB 21503    Fixed Income Securities

FBD 20303    Personal Financial Planning

FBD 20403    Business Law

FBK 20103    Financial Markets and Institutions

FBK 20203    Financial Management

FBK 20303    Financial Statement Analysis

FBK 20503    Investment

FBK 21003    Communication and Counselling

FBK 21303    Retirement Planning

FBK 21603    Estate Planning

FBK 21703    Portfolio Management

FBK 21803    Insurance Planning

FBK 21903    Tax Planning

ECD 20203 Financial Economics

A Simple Introduction offers an accessible guide to the central ideas and methods of financial economics, with examples and calculations, empirical evidence, and over 20 diagrams to support the analysis. Understand consumption and investment decisions, inter-temporal choice, indifference curves and the marginal rate of substitution, production possibilities and the marginal rate of transformation, rates of return, the financial market line, borrowing and lending, and the Fisher Separation Theorem. Portfolio theory examines expected returns, standard deviation and variance risk, covariance, correlation, asset diversification, market portfolio, a risk-free asset, the capital market line, and the Tobin Separation Theorem. The capital asset pricing model (CAPM) explores diversifiable and non-diversifiable risk, the beta risk factor, calculation of an asset’s expected return, the security market line, asset evaluation, and empirical evidence on the CAPM. Market efficiency looks at the efficient market hypothesis (EMH), weak, semi-strong, and strong form efficiency, and the literature on technical and fundamental analysis strategies to beat the market.

FBK 21303 Retirement Planning

This course emphasizes the important aspects of effective financial planning for retirement. The student should be able to understand the goal of retirement, retirement income and strategies as well as the process for retirement planning. The student should be able to understand the retirement process in determining the capital requirements for retirement. This course also highlights the differences between various retirement models.